Friday, 13 July 2012

5. 14th July

Hook of Holland, Dusseldorf, Koln, Mainz,  Frankfurt, going on to Nuremburg, Regensburg. Passau then along the Danube into Vienna.

Hello everyone.

I spoke to David last night, all well apart from wet weather and the industrial outskirts of Dusseldorf which is where they ended up under a railway bridge for the night. Not their finest hour!

486 miles so far, averaging 60.6 miles a day.

The frame of David's trusty pop up tent snapped so is now held together with duck tape and a teaspoon, very inventive!

Today they leave the cycle paths along the river which add  a 100 miles, so they are taking a short cut across country. This could be very hilly and knowing from experience all about short cuts I wonder if they might be better to stick to the river! Time will tell.


mary said...

A valiant effort, thought the duck tape would come in handy. Did ask Bruce in a text yesterday if they are having fun......haven't had a reply yet!

daja said...

Very impressed by your efforts so far. Hope you are finding some time to enjoy German food and drink. Good luck on the 'short' cut.

Anne McC said...

So impressed - all thinking of you at QPA

Julie Warriner said...

I knew David would involve ducks somewhere along the line.

Samblog said...

Julie - thank you for the comment - very droll! Made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

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